Holiday Weight Control

Home Environment

  • Keep tempting foods out of sight.
  • Put tempting foods in out-of-the-way places.
  • Decorate the house without using food.

Holiday Baking

  • Make dough ornaments instead of cookies.
  • Bake only in amounts you can use up quickly.
  • Donate your baked items to food banks for the needy.
  • Set aside a measured portion of dough or batter for yourself.
  • Set a small number of cookies aside to eat at your leisure.
  • To control the urge to taste, chew a double stick of gum
  • Sip sparkling water

Food for Guests

  • Keep non-problem foods on hand for unexpected guests.
  • Have lower-calorie foods and drinks on hand.
  • Keep items on hand that need to be assembled to be appealing.

Work Environment

  • Take acceptable snacks to work.
  • Stay away from the treats other people bring.

Keeping Track of Yourself

  • Write down everything you eat.
  • Establish times throughout the day for planned meals and snacks.
  • Keep low-calorie snacks prepared and in sight.
  • Pre-package meals and snacks.
  • Allow yourself one planned treat each day or week, depending on your excercise program.

Holiday Dinners and Parties

  • Review the Social Eating section for specific ideas.
  • Select two or three specific meals or parties at which you plan to indulge.
  • Carry written strategy cards with you.