Healthy Valentine’s Day

  • Your physical and emotional health is your most valuable asset. To ensure good health, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and develop proper eating habits.
  • Let your “Valentine” know in advance that you would prefer flowers, perfume, a book, an exercise video or an eveningat the movies, instead of sweets. Don’t use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to go off your program. Learn to have more respect for your body!
  • “Picture” yourself choosing nutritious foods if you are dining out on Valentine’s Day.
  • You set the example by treating your loved ones to healthy gifts on Valentine’s Day. For teens, an address book, toiletries, key rings or gift certificates are nice gift ideas. Coloring books, puzzles, balloons or a trip to the museum or zoo are always a hit with smaller children.
  • Take charge of your life. Learn to deal with temptation.
  • Give yourself a “pep talk” each morn ing and evening. Tell yourself, “I will look better and have more energy as I lose weight.” Remind yourself often that, slowly but surely, you are accomplishing your goal.