Entertaining at Home

  • Use cookbooks with reduced-calorie recipes or adapt the recipes to your nutrition plan.
  • Use single-serving foods, like chicken breasts.
  • Prepare a specific amount per person.
  • Keep appetizers more than an arm’s length away.
  • Take a serving of only one or two items at a time.
  • Immediately place all mixing bowls and utensils in soapy water, before you can lick them clean.
  • Ask someone else to put food items away while you clean up another room.


  • Use techniques listed earlier in the Social Eating section.
  • When coaxed to have more food, say you’ll have more later or ask to take it home with you. Discard the leftovers in your own disposal.


  • Set time aside to plan your vacation strategies, considering:
    – where you are going; where and with whom you will stay;
    – how long and by what means you will travel;
    – what activities you may be doing;
    – the patterns of the people you’ll be travelling or staying with;
    – your anticipated needs; problems you think you may have in controlling your food intake.
  • Review all of the sections in the Outline for more ideas.
  • Write out the strategies in detail.
  • Purchase and pack any items necessary to your control plans.
  • Record your food intake daily.
  • Include physical exercise to compensate for higher calorie intake


  • Follow the procedure for vacations.
  • When planning, also consider:
    – the customary way the holiday is celebrated;
    – your old eating patterns;
    – your specific eating goals for the holiday.
  • Record your food intake daily.