Dining Out Tips


  • When eating out, don’t arrive hungry; eat something before you leave home.
  • Plan a control strategy.
  • Eat the best and skip the rest!
  • In a restaurant, pour salt, pepper or sugar over foods you want to leave uneaten.
  • Share orders of high-calorie items with someone.
  • If you are still hungry after the meal, wait at least 20 minutes before asking for more.
  • Use alcoholic beverages sparingly before the meal.
  • Wear an outfit with a snug waistband.


  • Order a la carte.
  • Order according to the length of time you will spend in the restaurant and according to whether or not you will be eating again soon.
  • Ask someone to place your order for you. (This way you won’t have a chance to change your mind.)
  • Order some vegetables or a salad to be brought to the table right away.
  • Ask to have salad dressing brought in a separate dish.
  • Instead of dessert, eat a chocolate-covered mint.
  • Ask for a “doggy bag” to take extra food home.


  • Eat a plate of salad first.
  • Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.
  • Cover half of your dinner plate with green salad.
  • Ask someone to get your food, and you get theirs.
  • After eating, clear away your dishes before having coffee or tea.