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Brown Bagging It
  • Make your lunch the night before. Keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Convert dinner leftovers into tomorrow's lunch.
  • Pack sandwich fillers separately. Add them when you're ready to eat to prevent soggy sandwiches.
  • Add variety through different breads: try bran, rye, pumpernickel, bagel, English muffin, rolls, pocket bread, raisin, brown or banana breads.
  • Try different fillings and combinations in a sandwich: water packed tuna, roasted turkey or chicken, low fat cheese, extra lean ham, old-fashioned peanut butter, or a variety of shredded and sliced vegetables.
  • Experiment with herbs.
  • Moisten bread with mustard, or plain yogurt for a low calorie idea.
  • Pack sandwich filler separately then spread on crackers, muffins, bread sticks instead of bread.
  • Include a salad. Try fresh vegetables, fruits, stuffed artichoke, layered, taco, combination bean or seviche.
  • Take a thermos with hot soup, or chili. Or try a chilled gazpacho, fruit soup, cream of potato or cucumber made with nonfat milk.
  • Pack cold fruits: yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh fruits, vegetable or relishes.
  • Pack fruit, fresh, canned, or dried, nuts (avoid cashews, macadamias or brazils), fig bars or whole grain cookies for dessert.
  • Vary the beverage. Try vegetable juice, mineral or flavored calorie-free water, herbal tea, instant soup or hot cocoa.
  • Store small cans of fruit juice or vegetable in the freezer. Add to lunch bag in the morning.