Office Location:
1812 South J. Street
Suite 220
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: 253-566-1616
Fax: 253-276-0086

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Phone and Office consultations

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule a telephone or office consultation, call the office at
(253) 566-1616 or send an email requesting an appointment in the subject line.

Where is the office located?
1812 South J. Street
Suite 220
Tacoma, WA 98405

Where do we meet?
All appointments are conducted in the above medical office location over the telephone or in-office.

What will we do in our counseling session?

  • Initial Assessment and Consultation (in-office only)
  • Body Composition Analysis via Bioelectrical Impedance Method
  • Review of results and 5-page analysis
  • Evaluate exercise and medical history
  • Establish realistic goals

Initial Nutrition Assessment and Consultation (office/phone)

  • Evaluate diet, nutrition, health, medical and exercise history
  • Identify functional health concerns and establish program and goals
  • Provide nutrition analysis of current diet
  • Provide individualized nutrition plan, supplement recommendations, shopping list, menu plans, recommended readings

Follow-up Sessions

  • Review progress and modify initial plan
  • Repeat Body Composition Analysis (in-office only)
  • Problem-solve compliance difficulties

Call Us Today to Make an Appointment - Phone: 253-566-1616

Body Composition Analysis

This scientifically validated test utilizes bioelectrical impedance technology to evaluate body composition. It is a safe, accurate and fast method for determining weight from fat, water and lean tissue and percent body fat and lean.

The five page print out includes:
Percent fat and weight in pounds. Percent lean and lean weight in pounds. Percent water and weight in pounds. Basal metabolic calorie needs. Optimal weight based on composition. Calorie expenditure for selected exercises. Calorie requirements to maintain or achieve optimal composition.

Health Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation that includes body composition analysis, nutritional analysis, nutrition/health risk assessment. Recommendations for reducing risk factors, improving nutrition habits, enhancing health and performance are outlined in this one-to-one session. Allow approximately one and one half hours for testing and consultation.